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 » Thomas was one of my students who attended my lecture about innovation and creativity. A couple years ago, I met a promising young creative talent with a lot of energy. Since, he has managed to take advantage of his experiences and developed a strong and diverse skillset in business development, where his natural creative attitude together with his artistic approach help him come up with innovative solutions. I would recommend Thomas to anyone looking for a creative and business-oriented person in their team. « 

Tony Jazz

 » Thomas is a great colleague. He’s flexible with his designs and marketing campaigns and takes direction well. Thomas is also a great idea man, and is never short on new designs and layouts. It was an awesome experience working with someone whose main focus is collaboration and a great end product. « 

Danielle Ruiz

“ Thomas played a key role within the association and his passion for music gave us the emotion that the radio needed in order to build a voice and gain credibility.His ability to manage a team with multiple talents is also a reason why I really value the work of Thomas during his status of Radio presenter at Radio Campus Pau. ”

Flavien Defraire

“ Nous avons sollicité la créativité de Thomas à plusieurs reprises et j’ai toujours apprécié son professionnalisme et sa relation client. De plus Thomas possède des qualités très complètes en marketing et en branding, et de fortes connaissances en digital transformation qu’il sait très bien mettre à profit dans son travail. Je recommande Thomas pour tous ceux qui recherche un profil créatif efficace. ”

Olivier Attia